• You must bring a valid Photo ID and present to the registration team or bring a signed waiver from a parent or guardian if a minor to compete in the event
  • All members of the team must have signed waivers and validated ID’s or else you cannot race the event
  • This policy is for your safety as it will provide the insurance for the competitors in case of an injury


  • Iron: One person does all 3 course legs unassisted (Canoe/Kayak/SUP)
  • 2 Person Team (Canoe/Kayak/SUP)
  • 3 Person Team: each person on the team completes one leg only (single Kayak/Canoe or SUP)
  • 4 Person Team: Tandem Canoe/Kayak used


  • All Kayakers and Canoeists must wear a certified Coast Guard Approved Over the shoulder life jacket (PFD)
  • All SUP paddlers must wear a certified Coast Guard Approved PFD waist belt or over the shoulder life jacket
  • Recreational division teams can only use single person kayaks or SUP shorter than 14’, single plastic canoes, tandem plastic or metal canoes or plastic tandem kayaks
  • Iron competitors can use any type of Kayak, Canoe or SUP
  • No foils, Hobie mirage drive or any powered propulsion devices other than your paddle
  • No ear buds or headphones for racer safety


  • Race # must displayed clearly on the front of your shirt or shorts
  • No ear buds or headphones for racer safety


  • All Cyclists must wear a Helmet
  • Gloves are recommended
  • Remove all old race #’s
  • No ear buds or headphones for racer safety

Race Emergency Policy:

  • In the event of a large storm, the race directors will assess the safety of the participants, staff and volunteers
  • If it is deemed unsafe, the race will be shortened in some manner, whether in distance, or by eliminating one leg or choosing and alternate course.
  • Refunds are not available